The Unknown Story Of Lord Ganesha Became Shri Vighneswar Vinayak!

Shri Vighneshwar Temple is the seventh temple in the list of Ashtaavinayak Yatra. It’s the shrine of Shri Vighneshwar Devasthan, situated on the banks of river Kukadi in the small town of Ozar.

Perhaps, the temple was built around 1785CE. This east-facing temple is enclosed on all sides by a thick stone wall. Its top is made of gold. However, the deity is facing the east side with its trunk turned towards the left. The Ganesha idol is adorned with multiple jewels, including rubies in the eyes, diamonds encrusted on the forehead, and gems in the navel.

There is a history behind this deity, which states that Lord Indra created a demon named Vighnasur to destroy the prayer organized by King Abhinandan. Yet, Vighnasur went to slay everyone who conducted religious and Vedic activities. To answer the devotee’s appeals and to protect them, Lord Ganesha manifested and defeated Vighnasur.

However, the demon asked for mercy. After defeated this demon, Lord Ganesha was named Shri Vighneswar Vinayak and stayed in the Shri Kshetra eternally.

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