Experience The Greatness Of Hindu Culture With Mahakavi Kalidas

Mahakavi Kalidas was a Sanskrit writer who was honored as the greatest poet and classical dramatist. The poet belonged to the Gupta period, and a few claim that he was one of the nine gems of Navaratna of the court of king Vikramaditya of Ujjaini. Although many Indians are aware of Kalidas, there are a couple of interesting facts about this poet that you might feel interested to know.

  • Altogether Kalidas wrote three plays, namely Vikramorvasiyam, Malavikagnimitra, and Abhigyana Shakuntala. Of these three, Malavikagnimitra and Abhigyana Shakuntala were the most celebrated dramas in history.
  • Among the Epic poems of Kalidas, the most depreciated are Meghdut, Raghuvansha Ritu Samahara, and Kumar Sambhava.
  • In modern times, the works of Kalidas gained respect worldwide and influenced many global artists. He was a true craftsman who entirely changed the world of poetry.
  • Abhigyana Shakuntala specially created a sensation worldwide after it was translated into English by Sir William Jones.
  • The works of Kalidas have been translated into different international languages, including French, German, Italian, Danish, and so on.
  • His plays and poems were primarily based on the scriptures, and his dramas are still enacted in Indian theatres.
  • In fact, the great poet Kalidas also greatly influenced many patron writers of India, like Rabindranath Tagore.

Read any poetry of Kalidas and experience India’s rich culture, heritage, and sensational mythology.

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