Pushkar Mela – Experience The Colorful Essence Of Indian Culture

Pushkar Mela (fair) is one of the popular events in India, which is more of a cultural symbol than just a mere fair. It’s so colorful and vibrant with rich Indian essences and displays a host of exciting competitions and fascinating traditional events.

Originally organized in the Pushkar town of Rajasthan, this fair exhibits a festival yet historic vibe. However, this particular religious and cultural fair come to life with Rajasthani men and women who entirely dress up in traditional colorful attire. Every year, this event attracts countless people worldwide to witness the charm of India.

Pushkar Mela takes place each year on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi till Kartik Purnima. However, the Pushkar town is the homegrown of Lord Brahma, according to ancient history. As per beliefs, the devotees witness the blessings of 330 million Hindu gods and goddesses on this auspicious day.

Also, devotees ensure to visit Pushkar once they complete visiting four pilgrimage Dhams to obtain salvation, considering it the fifth Dham.

However, the enormous sacred lake of Pushkar makes it famous across the country and international ground. During the festivity, people take a deep dive into this holy lake to earn Lord Brahma’s blessings.

People also believe that taking a deep plunge into this lake will wash away all sins of their lifetime.

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