Read The Secrets About The Creator Of Universe- Lord Brahma & How He Created Us

Lord Brahma is the God of creation and all universal activities. He is one of the three supreme powers, Trimurti or Trinity: Bramha the creator, Vishnu– the preserver, and Maheswar (Shiva)– the destroyer. Although he is one of the inevitable forces, but the craze of Brahma is less among devotees.

Brahma- the god with four heads, sitting on a lotus, carrying Vedas, lotus, and rosary. Lord Brahma has diverse existence and attributions in the Vedas, Puranas– the old Hindu scriptures than the temples. Thus, he deemed the father of Dharma.

Regarding Puranas, Brahma is also known as “Prajapati”. While creating the universe, he gave birth to the four-fathers of humankind- the Prajapatis and Saptarishi-the seven great sages. They conjointly called “Manasputras” as they were born out of Brahma’s mind rather than the body.

According to Shatapatha Brahman, Brahma is the son of supreme power Brahman and Maya. The origin of Brahma happened when Brahman first created water in the universe and placed a seed in that water. Sooner, the seed converted as a golden egg from which Lord Brahma appeared. Therefore, he is named “Hiranyagarbha”.

Somewhat, some say, Brahma originated from a lotus which arose from the umbilicus of Lord Vishnu.

In Hindu cosmology, Brahma’s one day (Brahmakalpa) is equal to four billion human years. Brahma’s life is called ‘Maha Yuga’, which is divided into one thousand cycles. It diminished as Pralaya and again repeats after 100 years of Brahma’s time. Therefore, Brahma rises again and creates the whole universe once again. Thus the creation process continues by him.

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