How Manasa Became The Daughter Of Lord Shiva? Story Unveiled!

Manasa, the serpent goddess, continues to hold a significant place in Hindu mythology, especially in Bengal. Her divine parentage as the daughter of Lord Shiva adds a compelling dimension to her character and mythology.

This blog will highlight the mystical origins and intriguing tales surrounding Manasa, the divine daughter of the great god Shiva.

The Mythical Origins Of Manasa

According to Hindu mythology, Manasa was born from a union between Lord Shiva and a mortal woman named Jaratkaru. This tale unfolds with Jaratkaru’s husband abandoning her when he discovers she is pregnant.

Left to fend for herself, Jaratkaru seeks shelter and protection from the powerful god Shiva. Touched by her devotion and plight, Shiva accepts her as his wife, and they conceive a child together—Manasa, the serpent goddess.

The Legends of Manasa & Her Influence

Manasa is often associated with various captivating legends highlighting her power and benevolence. One popular narrative revolves around her triumph over the evil snake king, Naga Vasuki.

Manasa saves a young man named Behula from a tragic fate caused by Vasuki’s curse. In gratitude, Behula becomes a devout follower of Manasa and seeks her blessings. Through her intervention and guidance, Behula could restore her husband’s life and break the curse.

Another well-known legend involves Manasa’s conflict with Chand Sadagar, a wealthy merchant who refuses to acknowledge her as a goddess. Chand’s refusal angers Manasa, and she sends a series of calamities upon him, including the death of his children.

Overwhelmed by grief, Chand eventually surrenders to Manasa, seeking her forgiveness. In her mercy, Manasa restores his children and grants him her blessings.

The Symbolism of Manasa’s Fatherhood

The unique parentage of Manasa, with Lord Shiva as her father, holds symbolic significance. Shiva, the supreme deity associated with transformation and destruction, represents the eternal cycle of life.

As his daughter, Manasa embodies the power to control and subdue the destructive forces of snakes and venom. This connection signifies the harmony between creation and destruction and the ability to transcend fear and danger through divine intervention.

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