Praise To Hindu Goddess Of Snakes Manasa & Get Rid Of Harmful Diseases

Hindus worship various deities and animals like elephants, snakes, and Gods or Goddesses of those animals. Similarly, Hindus worship the queen of snakesGoddess Manasa or Manasa Devi. According to Hindu mythology, Manasha Devi is the only goddess of snakes and poison.

Devotees glorify goddess Manasa to ensure their safety and security from snakes; also for the prevention and cure of snakebites, smallpox, and chickenpox. Eventually, she is being worshiped for fertility and prosperity as well.

The Manasa pooja festival held on the monsoon period in the Hindu month Shravana when the serpents are vigorously active. According to Atharvaveda, Lord Shiva venerated her as the poison remover while he drank the ocean of dangerous poison Halahal, and Manasa saved him from death.

The mother of all nagas is the daughter of sage Kashyap and Kadru; sister of Vasuki (the snake on Shiva’s neck). She is also called “Nagalakshmi”. Manasa pooja is widely celebrated in the western and north-eastern regions. Manasa Devi is traditionally worshiped in the temples, villages in the form of Fani Manasa tree (a type of cactus), or Manasa idol.

Besides, some women praised her before marriage and also for the children. They observe fast and offer bowls of milk in front of the snake wholes.

Goddess Manasa is supremely stated in the “Manasamangal” (Bengali poetry). As because merchant Chand Swadagar (huge devotee of Lord Shiva) finally consented to worship Manasa Devi because of Behula. It’s been such a huge history in Hindu mythology.

Glorify to Manasa Devi for your safety from hazardous diseases and snakes.

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