Here’s The Guide To Sitting Postures In Ravan Samhita

Here's The Guide To Sitting Postures In Ravan Samhita

While explaining the postures, Ravan mentioned in the first line that the Sadhak should sit on the elephant skin in Sukhasan to perform the Shanti Karam (peaceful act).

  • Those performing Vashi Karm must be seated in Bhadrasana on a sheep’s skin.
  • For Stambhan, the practitioner needs to sit on padmasana on a lion’s skin, and for the Vidveshan, one should sit in Kukkutasana on the skin of a horse.
  • The seeker must be seated on a camel’s skin in Ardha Swastikasana in Uchtam Karam.
  • While performing Maran Karm, the practitioner must sit in a male buffalo skin or a woolen Kusha Aasan.

Follow these practices to gain more energy and increase confidence.

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