Follow These Vastu Tips To Welcome Prosperity During Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the world’s grandest and most widely celebrated Hindu festivals. The celebration and zeal in India remain immense to witness during Diwali. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and represents an auspicious event for new beginnings in life. During this festival, people illuminate their houses with saturated colors, lights, and Rangoli (a colorful Indian art), which looks exquisite!

However, it’s also an opportunity to welcome Goddess Laxmi to your home and attain prosperity for your business and life. Follow these Vastu tips to ensure goddess Laxmi showers you with her blessings and fortune.

  • Clean the house and let the positive energy flow. It’s the correct time to enhance positivity around you and the residence. Cleaning the house during Diwali helps conduct positivity at home and eliminates negative thoughts and vibes from the environment.
  • Let the lights guide you the way. On Diwali, there’s no such house where residents don’t light a single candle or Diya (clay lamp). The igniting glares are believed to evade all negative energies and show you the right direction to attain success and achieve your desired goals.
  • Harness the power of Meru Yantra (weapon). Meru Yantra is an ancient and master weapon that corrects faults in Vastu (resident). Keeping it during Diwali helps remove all obstacles by spreading superior energy. It further helps people achieve success, happiness, good health, and wellness.
  • Observe Kuber Laxmi Puja. Diwali is the primary event to organize prayers and puja rituals for Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber. Both divinities are the preserver of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping them and praising them from the core heart will flourish your life and helps convey success in business establishments.

You can obey these tips to bring happiness, good health, and prosperity to your Vastu.

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