Install Kamdhenu Idol In Vastu And Relieve Obstacles From Life

A heavenly cow-goddess known as Kamadhenu often referred to as Surabhi, is attributed to in Hinduism as the mother of all cows. She is frequently described as the mother of other cattle and is a miracle cow of abundance who gives her master anything he desires.

According to belief, Kamdhenu, the holistic cow in Hindu belief, along with her calf named ‘Nandini,’ removes the distressful home atmosphere according to Hindu Vastu practices.

People believe – placing a Kamdhenu cow idol in the Southwest corner on any Monday is fruitful to circumvent any obstacle and hindrance in your life. Besides, the believer in the Hindu religion and practices suggest keeping the Kamdhenu idol in the north corner of the house on Monday if the resident suffers from more expenses.

So, place an idol of Kamdhenu in your residential place and attract an abundance of peace in Vastu.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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