Offer Pancha Tattva To Show Your Gratitude To God

In Hindu tradition, offering Pancha Tattva or five elementsearth (flowers), fire, water, air, and etheris a well-regarded practice. The believers of Sanatana Dharma consider all of the elements sacred. That is why while performing any Puja (worship rituals) or making offerings in any ceremony, Hindus offer all of the five elements.

But why do Hindus offer Pancha Tattva in all ceremonial practices and during worship to Gods when God created these elements? Why do people present those elements back to God?

Traditionally, worshippers offer these elements like rice and flowers to God as this practice reminds humans that the creation is the ultimate; it’s sacred.

Watch the following video to learn more about Pancha Tattva and the reasons to offer those to Gods.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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