Experience The Most Frenzy Tradition Of Bengalis – Dhunuchi Dance

For Bengalis, Durga Puja is not just a festival but way beyond a carnival. In the Indian States like West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam, people from Bengali culture celebrate this 6days Durga Puja festival with great enthusiasm in a grandeur way. And the excitement and craziness of this week-long festival cannot be uttered in words.

The entire Durga Puja celebration isn’t just about welcoming Goddess Durga on earth (her maternal house) but also about eating, wearing the latest fashion trends, and, yes, most importantly, pandal hopping! Without pandal hopping, the Durga Puja festival seems incomplete for the Bengalis, including others.

Everyone looks forward to relishing the delicious, mouth-watering Bhog or Prasad (prayer offerings) of Maa Durga during 3days major celebration. Besides, what makes this festival more attractive and unique is the beat of Dhak and the widespread Dhunuchi Dance.

Origin of Dhunuchi Dance:

Dhunuchi Dance represents the culture of West Bengal, the Bengali religion. It’s associated with Durga Puja. To appease Goddess Durga, devotees perform the Dhunuchi dance along with rhythmic beats of Dhak (Bengali country drum).

Amongst the rich diversity of folk dances in Bengal, Dhunuchi Naach (dance) is another symbolic means of Bengali culture. Yet, it reflects more than just culture and tradition. It brings the generations together, binding people together. And devotees performing this act called Dhanucchi balances the earthen bowl containing burning incense either with hands, forehead, or mouth.

The frenzy beat of Dhak intensifies the dance more as more and more people join the act.

Enjoy a glimpse of Dhunuchi Dance and experience a different side of Bengali culture:

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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