Worship Lord Narasimha & Get Rid Of the Toughest Situations In Life

Lord Vishnu is one of the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara) with significant power in the universe. The lord has several avatars, and Narasimha is one of the most mighty manifestations of Lord Vishnu – the protector and controller of the universe. Narasimha is a fierce avatar that is always ready to fight and dismiss all evil, protecting his devotees from every negative energy and aspect of life. He is the embodiment of the conquest of good over evil.

With half human and half lion appearance, Lord Narasimha is said to have immense power with a scary attitude. Mythology described him in various forms with different postures and weapons. Following are 9-prime formations of Narasimha, collectively known as Nava-narasiṁha:

• Ugra-narasiṁha
• Kroddha-narasiṁha
• Vīra-narasiṁha
• Vilamba-narasiṁha
• Kopa-narasiṁha
• Yoga-narasiṁha
• Aghora-narasiṁha
• Sudarśana-narasiṁha
• Lakṣmī-narasiṁha
Since Lord Narasimha’s proactive nature and divine anger, a devotee must worship him with an extremely high level of attention compared to other deities.

Narasimha Pranama Prayer:

“Namaste narasimhaya, prahladahlada-dayine, hiranyakasipor vaksah, sila-tanka nakhalaye |”
Ito nrsimhah parato nrsimho, yato yato yami tato nrsimhah, bahir nrsimho hrdaye nrsimho, nrsimham adim saranam prapadye ||”

It defines – ‘I offer my obeisances to Lord Narasimha, who gives joy to Prahlada Maharaja and whose nails are like chisels on the stone like the chest of the demon Hiranyakasipu.’

Benefits of Narasimha Pranama Prayer:

By chanting the powerful Narasimha Pranama Prayer daily, you can get relief from your acute or severe debts and insolvency. This mantra provides the reciter protection against formidable situations, too.

Narasimha Maha Mantra:

“Om hrim ksaumugram viram mahavivnumjvalantam sarvatomukham।
Nrsimham bhisanam bhadrammrtyormrtyum namamyaham ॥”

Benefits of Narasimha Maha Mantra:

Reciting Narasimha Maha Mantra with the highest devotion marks the gain of the armor of Narasimha. It will protect everything blessed and destroys all issues.

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