Traditional Karkidaka Kanji – A Porridge That Rejuvenates Your Body!

Karkidaka Kanji is a traditional Malayali dish that is highly popular in Kerala, India. During the Karkidakam, which falls during July/August, This medicinal dish is being prepared by people, which is an indicator of the monsoon rainfall season.

Significance of Karkidakam:

Traditionally, this period of the year in Kerala marks an ideal time for undergoing Ayurveda-based body rejuvenation restoratives and beauty enhancement therapies. During this time, the human body stays in a highly receptive mode to Ayurvedic treatments. This therapy significantly helps people go through a process of recharging and revamping their bodies and energizing the mind.

However, to gain strength during this period, A Oushadha (medicine) named “Karkidaka Kanji” is preferable because that improves immunity and helps get rejuvenated entirely.

Health Benefits of Karkidaka Kanji:

Karkidaka Kanji or Aushadha Kanji is a magical dish that helps fight monsoon fevers. It’s a unique blend of medicinal herbs, grains, and spices that gives the body strength to prevent the typical ailments of the monsoon season, like Arthritis, diabetes, etc.

It’s a super diet food good for people of all ages and acts as a detoxifying agent for the body. Consuming it from 7days to up to 21 days further helps control

  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Aids digestion
  • Enhance immunity and strength
  • Provides energy, and
  • Removes toxins from the body

Consume it often to obtain the benefits mentioned above and rejuvenate the body thoroughly.

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