Wear This Amazing Stone & Evade Negative Vibes And Energies

Gomed or Hessonite is a yellow-colored gemstone that represents the planet Rahu. It holds a powerful place in the Hindu scriptures. Hindu people believe that the Gomed stone rules Rahu, the Vedic planet. In various religions, Rahu is a malefic planet that gives hardness to individuals impacting their natal chart.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu carries massive importance. The negative impact of Rahul makes natives very rebellious and evasive. This planet has high energy that can be disruptive sometimes. However, Rahu is said to affect individual psychic peace and position massively.

Since Gomed governs the planet Rahu, wearing Gomed can save an individual from the adverse effects of Rahu.

Benefits of Gomed:

  • Gomed stone is said to improve the mental and physical health of the wearer.
  • It offers permanent relief from the effects of Rahu.
  • Gomed stone heals several ailments like allergies, palpitation, epilepsy, eye infections, hemorrhoids, and sinus.
  • Also, it cures other severe ailments like varicose veins, cancer, fatigue, clumsiness, boils, blood pressure, intestinal issues, leprosy, and more.
  • Gomed stone benefits in professional fields and helps achieve employment goals.
  • It helps in the progress of education and research work.
  • Moreover, it neutralizes the negative vibes and evil effects and provides mental peace to the wearers.
  • Besides, Gomed enhances the social and financial status of individuals.

Wear Gomed incorporating in a finger ring and attain the benefits of Gomed effectively.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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