Sri Srikalahasti Temple – Dos & Don’t To Follow

Sree Kalahasthi Temple in Andhra Pradesh has its own uniqueness to appraise. This temple has a Lord Shiva idol as Shiva has manifested all 9 Rishis (Hindu sages) and 27 Nakshatras (stars) in his amulet. However, it’s the only holy place that keeps open during the Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Another unique thing about Sree Kalahasthi Temple is, that even the Hindu priests don’t touch Shivalinga with their bare hands.

Dos in Sree Kalahasthi Temple:

  • Take a holy dip before performing Shiva puja (prayer).
  • Females must perform prayer rituals after eight days or before having menstruation.

Don’ts in Sree Kalahasthi Temple:

  • Avoid entering the temple premises with oiled hair.
  • Avoid visiting friends’ or relatives’ abode after puja rituals, especially Rahu Ketu Puja.
  • Pregnant ladies must avoid Dosha Nivarana pujas on temple premises. or, even don’t visit or face where this puja happens.

Visit Sree Kalahasthi Temple and praise Lord Shiva and get his divine blessings for the rest of your life.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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