Significance Of 10 Weapons Of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga – the epitome of “Shakti” or “Power” is the most powerful goddess among all. By beating the most treacherous devil, ‘Mahisasura,’ she became the most devoted mother goddess among devotees; however, the fight of Durga with Mahisasura continued for 9 long days, when she took 9 different forms, called Nava Durga. Besides her power to kill the demon, Durga’s 10 weapons helped her destroy the evil.

But do you know what are those weapons of Goddess Durga and who gave her those? Let’s continue reading.

10 weapons of Goddess Durga:

  1. Khanda(Sword) by Lord Ganesh – represents cosmic intelligence.
  2. Trishula(Trident) by Lord Shiva – represents the soul of three dimensions (past, present, future.)
  3. Sudarshan Chakra (Thunder disc) by Lord Vishnu – symbolizes the center of creation.
  4. Vajra(Thunderbolt) by Lord Indra – conveys firmness of spirit.
  5. Dhanush and Tir (Bow and arrow) by Vayu Dev (the god of air) – Represents firmness, focused nature, and steadfastness.

6. Bharji (Spear) by Agni Dev (the god of fire) – signifies the hidden power of humans to overcome all obstacles in life.

7. Shankh(Conch) by Varuna Dev ( the god of oceans) – Denotes the power to destroy all the negative energies.

8. Lotus by Lord Brahma – symbolizes Devotion and Surrender.

9. Khitaka/Parashu (Battle Axe) by Lord Vishwakarma – indicates no apprehension of consequences when combating the evil.

10. Snake by Lord Shiva – symbolizes masculine energy and consciousness of Shiva.

Each weapon defines the characters and behaviors of humans. If a person can rule their characteristic in the right way, they can invade any evil coming towards them. Similarly, Goddess Durga employed her power and correctly conveyed all weapons to destroy evil over goodness. It will help you circumvent negativity precisely.

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