Get True Benefits From Blowing A Conch Shell-Shankh

Get True Benefits From Blowing A Conch Shell-Shankh

Blowing a conch shell (Shankh in Sanskrit) is the Hindu practice to worship our Gods and Goddesses. The significance of conch shell in Hinduism is very spiritual. But did you know, blowing conch shell benefits the health as well? Conch blowing is an exceptional exercise for the lower abdomen, urinary tract, diaphragm, bladder, chest, and neck muscles.

Either household prayer (pooja) or temple, Shankh (conch) is the most essential part of the Aarti. According to Hindu mythology, the Shankh is a pious symbol of the Hindu preserver, Lord Vishnu. As per history, Lord Vishnu fought a battle to defeat demon Shankhaasur. The Lord blew the conch shaped bone of his ear and head and killed him. Thus the sound “Om” was incarnated from the conch shell. Therefore the conch is named after Shankhaasur as “Shankh”.

The shankh blowing sound is propitious. The sound eliminates all wicked noises from our minds.

Some health benefits from Conch blowing

This beautiful nature artwork has health benefits if you blow regularly:

  1. Conch blowing is the best exercise for your vocal cords and thyroid glands. This exercise improves any speech problems.
  1. Blowing a conch puts pressure on the prostate area and improves prostate health and helps prevent prostate enlargement.
  1. While blowing the conch the lung muscles are expanded, improving their aerial capacity. Also, conch blowing a type of yoga asana (poses) that is best for healthy lungs.
  1. If you perform blowing conch every day, your fine lines will fade away from your face.

The conch sound destroys destructive elements from the environment and brings in positive energies. Blow a conch every day twice or thrice and get these powerful benefits.

The conch has its significance in Hinduism and Buddhism also. In India, this sacred trumpet is available in various forms of designs and shapes. The Hindu priest plays this trumpet at the end of Aarti or any ritual. Hindus consider keeping a conch shell in the house as a spiritual activity and you should too!

Feature Image Credit: Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay. ( Free for commercial use)

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