Be A Part Of The Hindu Festival Of Snakes- ‘Nag Panchami’ & Get Inestimable Strength

Nag Panchami is one of the greatest and significant Hindu festivals in India. On this day, countless Hindu devotees worship snakes and nagas. On the Nag Panchami festival, temples sanctified to Nag divines are being decorated. A massive gathering of devotees happens on the temple premises on that day.

Nag Panchami festival takes place on the fifth day of the darker fortnight on the Shravana month as per the Hindu lunisolar calendar. The importance of Nag Panchami is extensive among Hindus. On Nag Panchami, alive snakes and cobras along with snake statues are worshiped and bathed with loads of milk by the devotees.

Devotees worship snakes to ensure the safety of their families from dangerous snakes. This traditional festival is highly popular among Lord Shiva and Goddess Manasha devotees.

Snake is the symbol of strength and rebirth. Serpents stand for transformation and mortality. On this holy day, Hindus worship Shreshnagthe king of snakes and Vasuki, along with twelve more naga deities (Ananta, Manasha, Kaliya, Padma, Kambala, Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Shankhapala, Astika, Takshaka, and Pingala). Hindus seek blessings and protection from them.

Eventually, in Patal Lok, there is a world especially for hooded snakes- Mahatala Lok. They live and sway there.

You should worship and protect snakes despite harming them. Thus you’ll get blessings and strength for you and your family.

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