Chant Shanti Thrice After Prayer To Regain Your Inner Peace

At the end of the puja (prayer) and Pushpanjali prayer, Hindus utter Shanti. It also applies to every kind of mantra chanting. All our prayers end with chanting Shanti thrice. But why so?

The Hindi word Shanti means ‘Peace’, which indicates the natural state of a being. And peace can be found everywhere until and unless the place is disturbed and produced noise pollution by someone. When there is peace, there is bliss.

Similarly, our inner peace is underlying all our agitation. And sometimes, our agitations stop us to attain our inner peace. Chanting prayers and mantras help us to experience inner peace irrespective of outer disturbance. So, we chant prayers and divine mantras that end by chanting Shanti thrice.

The three-time Shanti chanting for three different purposes,

  1. The first time Shanti chants to address the unseen forces,
  2. The second time is to dedicate our proximate surroundings,
  3. And the last time to oneself or us.

It is said that saying thrice appears true, means ‘Trivar Satyam’. So, you should also chant Shanti three times after any prayer or mantras.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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