Decorate Your House With Torans & Keep The Environment Hygienic

Torans are a sacred element in Hindu households that are used to grab attention and please the goddess of wealth Maha Lakshmi in the house. Torans are also known as “Bandhan Waars” and have great religious significance in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Significance of Torans:

Majorly to stitch Torans, people use Mango leaves since these hold divine significance and have scientific benefits as well. Mango leaves are rich in antioxidant properties. They are considered as a sacred element when binding with marigolds.

However, any fresh green leaves instantly filter the room air and relinquish the purified air to the surroundings. Besides beautifying the prime entrance of the house, Torans also represents a warm friendly welcome to the guests. Despite mango leaves, Torans are also made of various fabrics, metals, and other decorative components depending on religion.

Apart from this, Torans can create hygiene and a clean atmosphere in the house in a simple manner. Hence, keep decorating house entrances with Torans. It will ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your family.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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