Kanak Dhara Puja: Remedy To Improve Financial Stability & Overcome Debts

Kanak Dhara Puja (devotion) is dedicated to Goddess Kanak, another manifestation of Goddess Laxmi. The puja is continuing from ancient times, believed to be highly beneficial for natives suffering from financial issues in life. 

The word “Kanak” refers to “wealth,” and “Dhara” refers to “flow”; therefore, Kanak Dhara signifies the continuous flow of wealth and luck.

According to the Hindu horoscope, people only suffers from financial drawbacks when he/she has vulnerable or afflicted Venus. 

Benefits of Kanak Dhara Puja:

  • Kanak Dhara Puja is highly beneficial for those suffering financial losses or hindrances. This puja will you recover those problems and help you meet the fiscal deficit. 
  • You can draw benefits from this puja if you face dilemmas with a flow of constant liquid money. The puja results positively and maintains a continuous flow of liquid wealth in life. 
  • No matter how huge is your financial dues and debts are, the devotion and Kanak Dhara Puja Homa helps to evacuate overall.

Besides, any person involving with the stock market and trading can expect tremendous profit and success from Kanak Dhara Puja. You can also recite the Kanak Dhara Stotram to appease Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, the goddess will shower her blessings over you and bring you good fortune and wealth. 

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