Acquire All Your Desired Success By Observing Masik Karthigai Vrat

Masik Karthigai is the Hindu festival widely known as Deepam festival as well. The celebration takes place on the 8th day of the Hindu month Poush. It is one of the most prominent celebrations among Tamilians and celebrates in the areas of Tamil Nadu.

Primarily, devotees worship Lord Subramanya, or broadly known as Lord Karthikeya or Lord Murugan, by his devotees from different regions. Here we will tell you why you should consider Masik Karthigai Vrat and the overall rituals.

The Mashik Karthigai festival falls once a year (this year, 1st March 2021), whereas the Vrat and puja ceremony occurs every month.

The Story Behind Masik Karthigai:

Masik Karthigai Vrat Rituals:

  • Leave your bed early in the morning and take a holy dip or bath during the Brahma Muhurat.
  • Perform Lord Subramanya Puja (prayer), following by decorating his idol and house temple or prayer room with flowers, offerings, including prayer items or Puja Samagris.
  • Observe fasting or Masik Karthigai Vrat the entire day, no foods, no water. Some may perform fasting on Masik Karthigai day by consuming fruits and water only once.

Benefits of Observing Masik Karthigai Vrat:

  • Quiet obvious, devotees perform the Masik Karthigai Vrat and praise Lord Subramanya to please him and get his blessing.
  • If you keep the fasting, the deity will fulfill all your wishes desires.
  • His grace keeps his adherents away from diseases and keeps them intact.
  • Believers feel shielded and safe from all negativities and evil sights.

We recommend you to perform the Masik Karthigai Vrat to acquire all the success you wished for your whole life.

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