Did You Know 14 Other Worlds Exists In The Universe Except Earth?

We all are well known about the parallel universe with the help of the upgraded movie industry. As of now, many sci-fi movies or web-series have been released on the parallel universe.

Eventually, modern science has acknowledged the presence of another world now. But, ages back, Hindu cosmology and Puranas disclosed about the fourteen Lokas or subsisting worlds that exist above and below our realm.

We know the concept of “Triloka” (Heaven, Earth, and Hell) through Hindu mythology. Therefore in the Puranas and Atharvaveda, there are seven Vyahrtis (higher worlds), and seven Patalas (lower worlds) exist in the universe and continues parallelly.

The seven worlds above us:

  1. Satya Loka
  2. Tapa Loka
  3. Jana Loka
  4. Mana Loka
  5. Svar or Swarga Loka
  6. Bhubhar Loka
  7. Bhu Loka

The seven worlds below us:

  1. Atala Loka
  2. Vitala Loka
  3. Sutala Loka
  4. Talatala Loka
  5. Mahatala Loka
  6. Rasatala Loka
  7. Patala Loka

Now you know more worlds subsist than the Triloka (Heaven, Earth, and Hell). Although, a human can live into one of these fourteen worlds but surely after death. As per your karma, your soul will get a place on one of these worlds.

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