Did You Know Wearing Panchdhatu Can Boost Your Mental Strength?

Did You Know Wearing Panchdhatu Can Boost Your Mental Strength?

Panchdhatu or Pancha Loha are five sacred metal alloys, as per Hinduism belief, and are traditionally considered auspicious.

In India, you may usually notice children wearing a bangle made of these five metal elements called Panchdhatu Kadha. From the ancient period, these five metals get punched together to make smooth use of making temple idols and jewelry.

Eventually, in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna gifted Arjun a shield, which itself was made of Panchdhatu. In Hindu culture, Panchdhatu holds great significance.

Significance of Panchdhatu in Hinduism:

Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Lead are the five holy metals commonly considered as Panchdhatu. Since Panchdhatu strengthens the bearer Prana Shakti, it’s highly recommended for bodies.

Panchdhatu gained its fame by virtue of their own unique influence that each element has on the holder.

Benefits of wearing the Panchdhatu bangle:

The gold within Panchdhatu renders healing properties. The silver similarly provides the holder endurance against cold and heat. The copper carries soothing properties. On the other side, the iron increases mental strength, yet the lead is individually poisonous, but when blended with rest four metals, it shows holistic qualities.

When it comes to amulets, these five metals together effectively enhance health, boost confidence, increase prosperity and fortune. So, the ornaments are designed uniquely that their elements and power blend together to work on powerful spiritual frequencies.

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