Did You Know- Worshipping A Shaligram Can Bring You Great Fortune?

Shaligram Shila is a rare piece of spherical black tinted stone, which is deeply associated with Lord Vishnu. In Hindu tradition, Shaligram is observed as the manifestation of mighty Vishnu according to typical religious faith. As per legends, Shaligram stones are collected from the riverbeds and the banks of the river Gandaki in Nepal.

As mentioned in popular mythological stories, it’s due to a powerful curse received by Lord Vishnu that turned him into this black stone.

Significance of Shaligram:

The divine stone Shaligram has the iconic symbol of Shankha (Conch), Chakra (Disk of Auspicious Vision), Gada or Kaumodaki, and Padma (Lotus) embossed on it. Every single stone has these four icons stamped in distinctive orders and is introduced to with different names. For instance, a Shaligram having imprinted the symbols arranged in the order – Shankha, Chakra, Gada, and Padma is called “Keshava.”

The spiritual gurus also ascribe to it as a crucial element that possesses the energy like a microcosmos. However, it can create endless complications if not handled with proper care.

A genuine Shaligram is, however, rare to find. And if someone appears to spot one, the holder has to fulfill stringent customs to sustain the stone. The person should perform daily prayer and worship the Shaligram under any circumstances whatsoever and make specific offerings. If the person can appease the Shaligram, it can bring good fortune. Yet, for that, one should treat it as a sacred icon.

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