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Do Worship [Not Hurt] India’s Sacred Animals For Their Blessings

Do Worship [Not Hurt] India’s Sacred Animals For Their Blessings

Do Worship [Not Hurt] India’s Sacred Animals For Their Blessings

There are a lot of wild animals roaming around us. These “unable to speak” creatures end up for human entertainment purposes all over the world.

But in India, these beautiful animals are more respected, valued, cared for, and worshipped. In Hindu culture, animals are sacred and glorified by Indians. Animals play a significant role in Indian culture and mythology for ages.

Some sacred animals in India are-

1. Peacock:

The national bird of India plays a considerable role in Indian history and mythology. This holy bird of India is the vehicle of Lord Kartik, and its feathers are the decoration of Lord Krishna’s crown and flute.

2. Elephant: 

The symbolism of royalty is the vehicle of Lord Vishwakarma and represents our beloved Lord GaneshaGajaanand. This sacred animal is worshipped across the Indian subcontinent.

3. Cow & Bull: 

The cow is the most sacred and worshipped animal in India, and cow slaughter is sinister plus banned in India. Hindus consider cow as ‘Gaw Mata’ (mother). In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the protector of cattle that he was named Gopalaand he always seen with cows. Besides, the bulls are also sacred in India and worshipped as Nandi– the convoy and only reliable vehicle of Lord Shiva.

4. Mouse: 

Mushak or mouse is one of the sacred animals in Hindu culture for being the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. On Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees place Modak (laddus or sweet balls) as an offering to the mouses in-front of the mouse holes.

5. Owl:

 The owl is the carrier of Goddess Laxmithe goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that observing a white owl on the day of Laxmi Puja is very fortunate and auspicious.

6. Snake: 

Snakes are very sacred and often worshipped by Hindus because of their significance in Hindu culture. Lord Vishnu rests on Shreshnag (King of Snakes), and the king of snakes Vasuki stays wrapped around Shiva’s neck.

7. Swan: 

Is the only vehicle of Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge).

8. Monkey: 

We remember one of the most significant figures of Hindu scripture RamayanaLord Hanuman. Because of his loyalty, devotion, strength, and of course, the monkey army, the monkeys are worshipped in India as a form of Lord Hanuman. 

9. Crow: 

Crows are linked to our ancestors and play a crucial role during funeral rituals. Hindus feed crows, considering these birds represent our ancestors so that their spirits can achieve salvation.

10. Lion & Tiger: 

The Lion or tiger is associated with several deities. As in, the Lion- the vehicle for Goddess Durga, and the tiger- the carrier of Goddess Ambe maa. And to kill the cruel king Hiranyakashipu, Lord Vishnu took his deadly avatar Narasimha (half man half lion).

11. Dog: 

Dogs have several references to mythology. Kala Bhairava– the beast form of Lord Shiva, has a dog as a companion. Also, the god of death- Yamraj, is associated with the dog.

12. Donkey: 

Donkeys are low in I.Q are the reliable carrier of Goddess Shitala.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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