Does Heaven And Hell Really Exist? Let’s Know What’s Hinduism Says

The entire universe has three worlds, known as “Trilok” Heaven, Earth, and Hell. We are living on the earth and familiar with the concept of Heaven and Hell.

But are these two worlds really exist? Some believe, heaven, and hell are here on earth. If we lead a good life, then we are in heaven, and if we suffer a lot through life, then we are in hell. But what Hinduism has to say about it?

Our Hindu Vedas, Puranas, and Bhagavad Gita, refer to the existence of heaven and hell somewhere. After death, souls are chosen for their upcoming world, hell, or heaven depending upon their deeds.

What is heaven?

Heaven is called ‘Swarga’ in Hindi. The god of heaven is Lord Indra, who reigns here. Based on Puranas, heaven in Hinduism is where the pure and generous souls are departed. In heaven, your soul can live a dreamful life. There are no diseases, no puberty, and no cruelty. After a million years of living there, you’ll have a rebirth to the earth.

What is Hell?

Hell is known as ‘Narak’ in Hindi. Hell is ruled by Yamraj- the god of death. This is the place where evil souls are transported because of their bad karma. Here sinners will go through severe, intense, and sharp pain.

As per hell in Hinduism, sinners get punishment for reformatory and educative purposes. During this process, they get a thick body, called “Yatana-Deha”. The sinner is embedded in the furnace of hell fire and gets purified by the hell fire. Therefore, the soul can be reborn and use of his fortes in the new birth.

Let’s hear directly from Swami Mukundananda about 7 heavens in Hinduism and 7 hells in Hinduism:

You should be conscious of your acts and karma as it will decide your afterlife place. Be generous to yourself and others.

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