Donate Some Valuables On Meena Sankranti & Bring Your Best-luck Back

Donate Some Valuables On Meena Sankranti & Bring Your Best-luck Back

The Hindu festival Meena Sankranti is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. Like other Sankranti festivals, Meena Sankranti also plays a significant role in the life of Hindus. But there’s something unique about the Meena Sankranti festival as it marks the last month of Hindu month from the twelve months. On this day, Sun transits from Pisces to Aries (from Mesha from Meena).

Meena Sankranti festival also known as Dhanya Sankranti, Roopa Sankranti, Ayush Sankranti or Makar Sankranti in several Indian region.

Why is Meena Sankranti propitious?

Meena Sankranti or Meena Sankramanam is the ideal day to perform charity and donating various objects – that’s what people consider. Besides, in different cultures, people believe that donating land on this day is a good sign. This way, one can seek happiness and blessings for life.

People believe donating some valuables to the poor can bring their best luck.

Meena Sankranti Celebration:

Locals of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Punjab observe the Meena Sankranti festival at the beginning of the last month. However, West Bengal residents celebrate the festivity in the latter half of the month.

Rituals of Meena Sankranti Festival:

  • Take a holy bath in the sacred river according to ‘Muhurat’ (favorable time).
  • Perform Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation to gratify God Surya (Sun) during sunrise. Pray the deity for your well-being and health.
  • Perform Anna Daan (donating food), Dhana Daan (money donation), and Vastra Daan (clothes donation) to Brahmins and the needy people on this day. It considers extremely auspicious.

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