How To Stop Premature Aging With Ayurvedic Herb Vetiver?

Vetiver is an Ayurvedic herb that has contributed since time immemorial. The name “Vetiver” came from a Tamil word that denotes “ root that is dug up.” In Hindi, the herb is known as “Khus,” which is much underrated in contemporary times. However, with massive medicinal properties and capacity, it’s been a fad now.

Due to its natural coolant and cleansing properties, vetiver is highly used for several skin treatments. In fact, it’s being indulged in several skincare products to evade the negative impacts of chemicals.

Benefits of Vetiver in Ayurveda:

According to Ayurveda, vetiver has immense miraculous power since it’s a natural coolant. The Skin benefits are:

  • It helps keep skin hydrated,
  • The antimicrobial & antibacterial properties help fight skin blisters, acne, and rashes,
  • It helps terminate dust and dirt without causing skin dehydration,
  • It also removes whiteheads and blackheads naturally and unclogs pores,
  • The antioxidant properties stop the signs of skin’s premature aging, making the skin firm and youthful (if used regularly).

Apart from skin benefits, vetiver helps in several cases, too, including:

  • The strong essence of vetiver oil helps tranquilize the body, reduce insomnia, relieve stress, and lower anxiety.
  • It improves the digestive system.
  • Drinking vetiver water helps clear the intestinal tract, boosting better digestion.
  • It helps fight the cause of constipation.
  • Also, the alkaline properties of the vetiver calm down the entire body and nervous system, making it a perfect drink for summers.

So, drink/consume a vetiver drink and make your skin look younger by stopping the signs of premature skin.

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