Light The Incense Stick – You See Positivity, Calm, Freshness

Light The Incense Stick – You See Positivity, Calm, Freshness

Agarbatti or incense stick is a holy object in Hindu culture. It has spiritual significance in Hindu rituals. Hindu customs and poojas (prayer) are not complete without burning Agarbatti. The essence of the incense Agarbatti is auspicious.

The lighting of the holy stick signifies devotion to the “Panch Bhutas” (The five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space) which are are essential for human life. Agarbatti is also known as Dhoop” and has some health benefits when burns which are:

  • The incense stick also used for meditation and as aromatherapy.
  • The antibacterial properties of Agarbatti kill germs and keep sanitized your surroundings.
  • Agarbatti has some healing components that relieve pain and congestion.
  • The aroma of the incense sticks reduces your stress level and clear mental blockage.

Agarbatti originated from the Vedas, Hindus sacred texts. From ancient times to now, the Agarbatti has superior powers to calm down the mind of devotees. Hindus burn incense sticks in every ceremony to remove any bad odor from the atmosphere and purify the air. It is the everyday practice of Hindu households.

You can sleep better when your room smells good. So, you can use an incense stick as your room freshener. This natural scent dispels the negative, positive or harmful vibrations from your house. The redolence purifies the mind as well.

The tranquil fragrance also drives away mosquitoes and other insects.

Feature Image Credit: Image by Vasilijus Bortnikas from Pixabay (free for commercial use)

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