Navratna – The Precious Gemstones To Balance Emotional Level

In Indian Vedic Astrology, Navratna is the most precious and powerful gemstone. It’s an amalgam of 9 precious and semi-precious stones that represent 9 different planets:

  • Ruby – Sun
  • Pearl – The Moon
  • Red Coral – Mars
  • Emerald – Mercury
  • Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter
  • Diamond – Venus
  • Blue Sapphire – Saturn
  • Garnet – Rahu/ Dragon’s head
  • Cat’s Eye – Ketu/ Dragon’s tail

Benefits of Navratna:

It is believed that by wearing Navratna stones, one can achieve more extensive power than ever. If you wear a ring of Navratna stones, you can avail yourself of the benefits of 9 different stones governed by 9 powerful planets.

  • Ruby is a red gemstone that signifies activeness, strength, and energy. It helps enhance health and wellness, improves blood circulation, and boosts vitality. The color of this stone represents love, passion, and vigor and brings self-awareness to the wearer.
  • The white stone Pearl is known for peace and harmony that helps balance one’s life and energies by relaxing the mind. It supports you to focus by driving away indecisions. Pearl conveys confidence and charm and helps in personal evolution.
  • Coral stone or red coral is the most influential stone that revitalizes the wearer’s mind and body, purifies the blood, and boosts energy and vitality. It removes all negative energies and impurities from life and protects from depressive situations.
  • Emerald, the symbol of love and rebirth, is a powerful and popular stone in Navratna gemstones. The rich green color signifies Spring and radiates a beautiful, charming vivid tone in the wearer. It offers extensive health benefits like boosting memory and intuition, balancing expression, enhancing communication skills, and improving education.
  • Yellow Sapphire, the magical gemstone, has a celestial power that helps the wearer gain happiness and peace in life. This stone eliminates gloominess from life and boosts confidence and good health. It helps in making vital decisions and reflects depth in life.
  • Diamond, one of the most expensive stones worldwide, has immense significance in life. This illuminating stone is known to intensify emotions, bring beauty and grace, convey love and trust in people, and reflect a charming aura in the wearer.
  • Neelam or Blue Sapphire is one of the strongest stones that help in spiritual cleansing. It has a protective shield against diseases, misfortunes, and negativity. It helps balance our life and bring good luck in life.
  • To eliminate the negative energies and impacts of planet Rahu, Garnet stone helps. It’s one of the ancient stones in the world that stabilizes the poor mark of Rahu in the wearer’s life.
  • Lastly, the Cat’s Eye. It’s another protective stone that has mysterious healing power. It protects the wearer from the bad effects of Ketu and brings spiritual awareness to people.

So, if you suffer from any mentioned issues in life, you can wear that particular stone or consider wearing Navratna stones instead. However, consult an astrologist for better advice.

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