Offer Honey To God & Gain Positive Energy

Offer Honey To God & Gain Positive Energy

Honey, the sweet nectar, has its own importance in Hindu culture, rituals, and mythology. In Hinduism, honey has a major role during any Puja (prayer) of any divinity. In several Indian regions, this sweet ingredient is popular as Shehad (Hindi), Thena, Madhu, or Tene as well.

Significance of Honey in Hinduism:

Honey has a sweet essence that symbolizes sweetness in words, actions, and thoughts. However, be it Durga Puja, Maha Shivaratri, Ganesh Puja, or celebration of Hindu festivals, weddings, ceremonies, etc., Honey is an essential element in every ritual. Hindus offer honey mixed with curd, sugar, ghee, and water to God, known as Panchamrit – a holy component in all Hindu religious ceremonies.

Religious and health Benefits of honey:

Apart from religious importance, honey has its own beneficial features. High in antibacterial properties, honey can heal all wounds and enhance positive energy. When offered during Puja, devotees consume honey with Panchamrit as a Prasad (a divine food), which provides nutritional value to the body.

In Ayurveda, honey is a vital element that contributes to the worshipper’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Besides, people offer honey to God to seek divine blessings. They hope the godhead will make their lives sweet and happier. Honey also reminds us to spread sweet words, think sweet, and act sweet.

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