Perform Baikhari Chanting & Unleash Your Thoughts Properly

Chanting Mantras is a fabulous way of Yoga that helps an individual awaken his own self. Chanting Mantras deepens the meditative facets of a physical yoga practice. Through Mantra yoga, one can engage his mind by focusing on sound, number of repetitions, and duration. The process of loudly chanting mantras is Baikhari chanting. It’s a trail to get closer to the divinity within as it helps create positive vibrations and benefits both who chants and who listens.

Benefits of Baikhari Chanting:

Following are some easy-to-attain benefits of Baikhari chanting:

  • It helps soothe and release your thoughts.
  • It helps to perform meditation effortlessly.
  • It helps in conceptualizing your thinking.
  • Moreover, performing Upanshu (whispering the mantras in low voice) will untie your soul and relief your mind.

Process of Baikhari Chanting:

The Baikhari chanting must be for a long duration of 8-10 hours as a purposeful mantra repetition. You can chant for your health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, and acquisition of mundane things. If done correctly, one can rectify his destiny errors and get mental peace.

Practice Baikhari chanting with utmost devotion and get a higher state of awareness.

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