Perform Lord Hanuman Aarti & Develop Unbreakable Courage Like Him

Perform Lord Hanuman Aarti & Develop Unbreakable Courage Like Him

Do you pray to Lord Hanuman along with doing Aarti? Are you aware of the advantages it offers? Every worship ritual performed in the Hindu religion includes the practice of aarti.

In layman’s language, Aarti is a simple ritual performed by worshippers where they sing particular songs to honor that deity. Aarti entails igniting a Ghee Diya or an earthen lamp with camphor on a decorative plate called Puja Thali. This plate is rotated counterclockwise in front of the gods as they sing.


Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, is a representation of moral fortitude. He is a symbol of power who has the ability to accomplish anything, from devouring the Sun to moving mountains and obliterating foes, ghosts, and goblets. Therefore, Lord Hanuman’s followers praise him while performing Hanuman Aarti to receive his blessings.

The Benefits of Lord Hanuman Aarti

  • It helps in gaining courage and strength.
  • By performing this pooja, one can increase the degree of wisdom and intelligence.
  • It generates wealth and solves all previous financial issues.
  • It might enable you to acquire the position you want.
  • By doing this aarti, you can fulfill all of your childhood aspirations.
  • All your previous and present sins will be forgiven.
  • It might ease your company’s predicament.

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