Praising Of Goddess Kali Will Remove Bad Influences From Life

Kali Puja is one of the biggest and most celebrated Hindu festival, dedicated to the goddess Kali, the furious form of goddess Parvati. The Kali Puja is known as the Diwali or Deepavali festival in the region of Bengal, Odissa, Bihar, and Bangladesh country. This festival takes place on the Hindu month Kartik, on the Amavasya night (new moon), known as Dipannita Amavasya, at midnight.

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Kali puja is observed to give goddess Kali the worshippers’ honor. The impression and influence of the goddess Kali are extensive among her devotees. She is known as Shayma, Tara Maa, Mahakali, and more various names by her devotees. Although this is not an ancient festival, instead, introduced in Bengal in the 18th century by the king of Navadwip, Krishnachandra.

Kali is the destroyer of evils and spirits. You must worship her with red hibiscus by following proper Kali puja rituals and by chanting Kali mantras to get blessings of a happy, blissful, healthy, wealthy, peaceful life.

Among believers, the goddess Kali is highly impactful. Therefore, the Kali puja festival is the ideal day of Tantric ceremonial observances, Tantra persuasion (some esoteric tradition or practices), etc. In some areas, devotees offer ‘Balidan’– a ritual of offering animal blood with red hibiscus, lentils, sweets, etc., to the goddess to please her.

Besides, two more Kali pujas are observed by devotees, Ratani Kali puja on Magha Krishna Chaturdashi and Phalaharini Kali Puja on Jyestha Amavasya, according to the Bengali calendar. However, you can pray to her daily concerning protection from evil spirits.

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