Superstition Or Scientific Healer? The Real Notion Behind Nimbu Mirchi Totka

Nimbu Mirchi (Lemon and green chili) is an essential component in the Hindu community. It’s deemed as an Indian good luck charm. It’s typically a thread inserted into lemon and seven chilies. The most famous and commonly used evil eye warder, it’s also known as NAZAR TOTKA or Nazar Battu.

Benefits of Hanging Nimbu Mirchi?

Hindu mythology states that the goddess of misfortunate and suffering – Alakshmi, is the twin sister of goddess Laxmi. This thread is generally tied outside the house and shops and also in the vehicles before moving. People believe that they can keep evil threats or spirits away from their homes and shops by doing this activity.

Besides, people also believe that the prime intention behind Nimbu Mirchi door hangings is to attract goddess Laxmi and distract Alakshmi. It also symbolizes a charming, gracious welcome to the guests at the door entrance. It’s deemed that Alakshmi adores lemon and chilies as she prefers everything hot, spicy, and sour.

Despite, scientists debate that hanging Nimbu Mirchi is just a pest repellent custom from ancient times that somehow misled the notion. It’s also examined that the lemon and chilies served as an easy first aid kit during ancient times.

You can also hang a Nimbu Mirchi door hanging in your door entrance to emit insects and receive all mythological benefits.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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