The Unheard Story Behind The Lord Ganesha’s Immersion

Ganesh Chaturthi is the big most celebrated festival in India. Each year Hindus welcome Ganapati Bappa and celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi festival with great enthusiasm.

After 10-days of celebration, devotees submerge the Lord Ganesha idol in the water with equal enthusiasm. Well, you must be doing the same. But do you know why do people immerse Lord Ganesha?

The significant immersion of Lord Ganesha is an old-age tradition that Hindus are practicing for ages. There is a story that lies behind this year’s old practice.

The day Ganesha is submerged is called Ananth Chaturdashi. Mythically, on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the legend Ved Vyas started dictating the great epic Mahabharat to Ganesha, which Ganesha wrote by himself. Ved Vyas closed his eyes and continued telling the story steadily for 10days.

After the long period, when he ended the story, he found Lord Ganesha’s temped body, causing his tremendous continuous hard work. He coated Ganesha’s body with sacred aromatic clay to prevent the increase of temperature.

But soon, the soil dried up and Ganesha’s body got solid, due to the increasing temperature.

He immediately took Ganesha to the nearby lake to soothe his heated body. In mythological texts, that day is mentioned as Ananth Chaturdashi. Since then the immersion of Lord Ganesha is practiced by people to cool down Bappa.

Though the stories differ with different people yet the devotion of Ganesha unites all devotees and pray him to come back every year.

Ganpati Bappa Morya,

Mangal Murti Morya!

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