Wear Beautiful Bangles For Health And Wealth

Wear Beautiful Bangles For Health And Wealth

Bangles are a type of ornament that women wear in their hands to enhance their feminine beauty and grace. In India, women started wearing bangles from ancient times. According to Indian culture and tradition, married women must wear bangles. Bangles symbolized prosperity, health, and wealth.

Some communities think wearing bangles after wedding is auspicious. Wearing bangles will bless the husband with a long and healthy life. It will bring bad luck to them if the wife does not wear them. In India, some people believe that only gold bangles should not be worn by women Glass bangles should accompany the gold bangles. Glass bangles are the symbol of the well-being of husband and children.

There is also some health significance of wearing bangles. Bangles affect the nerves in the wrist, which stimulates the pulse to increase blood circulation. Thus, it helps in managing blood pressure. There are also some pressure points in the wrist which conducts the hormonal changes in women.

The word bangle came from Hindi. In Sanskrit, this means the ornament that adorns the arm. Bangles are made out of different materials, pigments, and patterns. You may want to wear some bangles or gift to the women of your family. It will look good on them and brings many benefits along with it.

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