Wear Rudraksha & Get Peace, Positivity and Wealth

“Rudraksha”– is the tear of Lord Shiva. It has mythological and spiritual significance among Hindus. According to the myth, once Lord Shiva did a hard Tapasya’ (religious austerity) to kill the three most powerful asuras that nobody could. Due to the powerful Tapasya, a tear dropped out of his eye, which formed as a rudraksha.

Rudra means Lord Shiva’ and Aksha means Teardrops’. So, Rudraksha is Lord Shiva’s teardrop” and also the form of Lord Shiva.

People, especially priests and saints, wear rudraksha beads to attain spirituality. If you continually travel around, you must keep one rudraksha mala (bead) with you. It creates a positive energy around people and very helpful.

Rudraksha brings charm and good luck in human life. It has soothing effects on the mind. Besides, keeping rudraksha with you will help your respiratory system.


Rudraksha is the seed of a specific tree, named Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It grows in the Himalayan region, and some are in Western Ghats of South-India. There are plenty of rudrakshas, which started from Ek-Mukhi, Pancha-Mukhi to Fifteen-Mukhi rudraksha. Therefore, all these have some different significance and benefits to human lives.

Before you choose any rudraksha, click on this video and know the benefits of wearing rudraksha:

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