Benefits Of Possessing The Priceless Nagmani

In the Hindu scriptures, several tales and folktales refer to gems and jewels, one of which is Nagmani, or snake stone. We can find legends associated with Nagmani in ancient texts such as Brihat Samhita, Garuda Purana, and Raj Vallabh. According to these texts, the Manidhari nag (a snake holding a priceless snake pearl) exists in the world.

Nagmani: Historic significance:

According to the Puran, Nagmani is found on the hood of a significant snake, which, according to Puran, can be Sheshnag, Vasuki, or Takshak. The snakes born in the clans of Takshak and Vasuki are believed to carry this Nagmani.

Nagmani is a blue, yellow, or green-colored gemstone; it possesses an unusual glow that brightens the surroundings. People believe that a person who carries a Nagmani doesn’t get affected by any kind of poison.

However, modern writers assume that it’s entirely just a superstition under which people kill these endangered reptiles for their greed. Experts also claim that the jewels in the market in the name of Nagmani are basically fake mineral elements called chlorophane.

Benefits of possessing a Nagmani/Snake pearl:

The illuminated Nagmani is priceless; there’s no other gemstone to replace the illuminated Nagmani. It’s an unusual pearl said to bring fortune back. By possessing this priceless gemstone, one can attain an abundance of money, luck, and wealth; poverty will end, and the person will get victory and divine blessings for life.

However, as per belief, nobody can ever possess this gemstone as there are ample life risks associated with this stone.

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