Bodh Gaya-A Tour To The Ancient Epicenter Of Buddhists

Bodh Gaya is a widely-known and major pilgrimage site and is situated in the Gaya district, India. Gaya is a pious destination for pilgrims as people consider this town the holiest for both Hindus and Buddhists. This pilgrimage is a center of attraction for Buddhists due to its deep association with the life of Gautam Buddha.

Besides, Hindu pilgrims nationwide visit Bodh Gaya to conduct the Pind Daan rituals during Shraddha. Once the customs are completed, devotees can visit other wonderful sites in Bodh Gaya.

The History of Bodh Gaya:

Bodh Gaya has a significant history as this location is documented by various pilgrimage accounts and inscriptions. It’s the famous destination for Shraddha, where Siddhartha Gautam Buddha gave his first teaching.

However, this sacred place is also known as Uruvela, Mahabodhi, Sambodhi, and Vajrasana, as per history. And the center monastery in Bodh Gaya is called ‘The Bodhimanda Vihar (Pali).’

The Significance of Bodh Gaya:

This holistic place is primarily known for being the Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple, which marks the speciality of this location where Mahatma Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under the famous Mahabodhi tree.

King Ashoka built the first temple in Bodh Gaya. He also constructed a commemorative stone around the old Mahabodhi tree that stands still under the bows of the present tree. In the monastery, there are several ancient Buddhist sculptures. Stupas and other shrines of Sanchi that belong to the Satavahana period are said to have been constructed back in the 1st century CE.

You must visit Bodh Gaya to attain self-enlightenment and experience the amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist rituals in the same area.

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