Celebrate The Joyful Annaprashana- First Food Intake Ceremony Of Your Baby

Celebrate The Joyful Annaprashana- First Food Intake Ceremony Of Your Baby

Annaprashana, another most significant Vedic Hindu Sanskar (sacraments) people are still following in modern times. Annaprashana or Annaprashana Vidhi is the Hindu rite of feeding regular food to the infant other than milk.

The Sanskrit word ‘Anna’ means ‘rice’ or ‘grains’, and ‘Prashana’ means ‘feeding’. The Annaprashana ritual name symbolizes food feeding or the first eating of food.

In different Indian regions, the rice-eating ceremony or rice ceremony of babies is known as in West Bengal: Mukhe Bhat, Kerala: Choroonu, Garhwal hills: Bhaatkhulai, etc.

Annaprashana ceremony is being celebrated on the fifth (in case of the girl) or sixth (in case of the boy) month from the birth of a newborn. It is the process of transitioning the food habit of your newborn from liquid to solid.

Annaprashana or Annaprashan, also called “Mamabhat” because the maternal uncle (Mama) feeds food (Bhat or Rice) to the child. If the child does not have a maternal uncle, then the maternal grand-father can follow up the same.

Various delicious items are served in front of the infant as Annaprashan food like boiled rice, fish, fried veggies, sweets, etc., including “Payesh” (Payasam or Kheer or rice pudding) as Prasad (prayer gift).

Celebrate the first food intake of your infant or Annaprashana ceremony and rejoice in the memories for a lifetime.

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