Chant These Powerful Mantras to Erase Bad Karma!

Chant These Powerful Mantras to Erase Bad Karma!

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”-we know that right? That is what “Karma stands for. Karma- a universal law, was built in the logical aspect of “in action” of previous deeds in our day to day life. We all should fear karma. And once in a lifespan, we all have to face the Karma. None of us can escape Karma.

If you have done any bad actions, that will not lead you towards a good result, and vice-versa. The actions done by a person creates his “destiny”. We cannot escape our destiny or karma. But, chanting some powerful mantras (Sanskrit prayers) can cleanse our bad karma.

“Mantras” are Sanskrit hymns that are made of different piled up decibels. It is based on scientific and impactful theories. Here are some mantras that can erase your karma by chanting regularly.




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