Charismatic Vastu Remedies To Prevent Negative Energies

Charismatic Vastu Remedies To Prevent Negative Energies

Some houses in our life bring good fortune and happiness, and contradictory others can be disastrous. Vastushastrathe science of architecture elaborates the entire thing that how choosing a wrong Vastu or house can wreck the harmony of life. 

In a house premise, pleasant and distressing, both frequencies generate continually. Frequencies arise from a house floor and levitate towards the sky. The composition of frequency is 360, which travels in a circular motion. It strikes the wall and ceiling and then diffuses everywhere. 

How House Frequency Distress Human Spirit?:

An impure Vastu (residence) will lead you to severe trouble plus give you tremendous distress in the future. Eventually, a visitor also can feel negative frequencies in the premise. 

List Of Distress One May Experience:

  • Physical illness or disorders such as paralysis, rheumatism, upset stomach, etc. 
  • Adverse effect on the fetus.
  • Psychic dilemmas like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. 

Remedies For Pleasant Vastu:

  • To make the residence livable, you must conduct some suggested rituals – Udakshânti, Vâstushânti, and Bhukhandpravesh Vidhi.
  • However, 30% of defects in a house arrives because of residents. Therefore, the residents should hold a pleasing personality to maintain a pleasant ambiance at home. 
  • Some substances can possess distress frequencies. One should not keep pieces that attract distressing energies, for example, demon looking toys. 
  • Keep a Tulsi plant in the Vastu to increase the lively energy (Pranshakti) and oxygen. It also keeps the deity of a premise tranquil. 
  • Do not perform any activities related to spirits like planchette.
  • Try to stick chanting strips in each door of your house. It counteracts negative energies from entering the house.
  • Stick Sattvik (pure) figure of Sri Ganesha on the entrance. It prevents unpleasant frequencies from entering the homestead.

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