Do You Know The Purpose Behind Conducting The Abhishekam?

Within the Hindu culture, we can find several debates behind conducting Abhishekam or Abhishek on stone idols in temples. If you visit any temple, you can explore this common custom, followed as a regular practice.

Scientific Reason behind Abhishekam:

Since most of the temples in India were constructed in ancient times with sturdy granite and these vintage granite idols, however, tend to develop cracks while aging.

Brahmins in temples perform the Abhishekam ritual with elements such as milk, honey, oil, and sandalwood paste. Therefore, regular contact with such agents helps to keep the stone idol intact. They also preserve these ancient sculptures well.

Another intriguing observation is that is the base upon which these idols kept mounted is made from a specific alloy of silver, gold, and traces of lead, having such unusual medicinal properties when infused with milk and honey.

It is why milk and Panchamrita coming from the Abhishekam are distributed among Bhakts (devotees) are said to have unique medicinal properties. It can cure a number of diseases.

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