Unknown Facts Of World Richest Temple In India – Shri Padnamabhaswamy Temple

On the land of India, there are genres of grand temples of Lord Vishnu established. One of those is Shri Padnamabhaswamy Temple, located in the Thiruvananthapuram city of the State of Kerala.

The Malayali city Thiruvananthapuram stands as The City Of Lord Ananta, for instance, The Divine Serpent Sresh Nag in Malayalam. However, this temple is widely famous for its wealthy nature.

History of Padnamabhaswamy Temple:

It is said, Padnamabhaswamy Temple was assembled 5000 years ago that makes it an ancient temple indeed. Even in Hindu Puranas like Brahma Puran, Vishnu Puaran, Bhagwt Puran, Mahabharat Puran and Hindu texts, a trace of this temple has been found.

Besides, many Tamil poets and saints of the 9th century eventually mentioned the prosperity of Padnamabhaswamy Temple in various texts of the Sangam Literature.

Lord Vishnu Idol in Padnamabhaswamy Temple:

In Padnamabhaswamy Temple, the Lord Vishnu idol is lying in a reclining position on Ananta – the divine serpent. One of his hands is on Shivalinga, and another has a lotus on it.

Alongside, Lord Narasimha, Shridevi, Gajalakshmi, and Bhudevi have been placed beside the significant idol of Vishnu. However, local people celebrate various festivals in the temple premises, among which the prime observation are Panguni and Alpashi, in which they follow the “Arattu” custom.

During the festivals, a large number of Lord Vishnu devotees visit this temple and praise the god.

Do visit this wealthiest temple of India and get your wish fulfilled by Lord Vishnu.

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