Fasting Is Important For Hindus – Gives Peace & Calm, Try it!

Fasting Is Important For Hindus – Gives Peace & Calm, Try it!

Fasting is a popular practice of Hindus. In Hinduism, fasting means the rejection of food for the body to gain spirituality. Some Hindus fast regularly or during Hindu festivals and Ekadashis (or the 11th day after the full moon and the 11th day after the new moon). On these days they prefer not to eat anything at all. Sometimes, they eat only once or have some fruit or make some special diet with simple foods.

Scientifically it is proven that fasting makes the mind calm and peaceful. Even in Bhagavad Gita (the sacred book for Hindus), it is stated to eat properly- neither too much nor too little (Yuktaa Aharaa). We should have a Saatvik diet which means to eat simple, pure, and healthy food, even when we are not fasting.

In Sanskrit, fasting means “Upavaasa”. Upa” means “near” and “Vaasa” means “to stay”Therefore, it means staying near the Lord, the attainment of the psychic contiguity with the Lord.

Though, from the religious aspect, fasting is important to Hindus. There are also some fasting health benefits which will change your way of living. Click on the video to reveal the fasting benefits:

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