Why Do Hindus Eat Kala Chana?

In Hinduism, food holds great significance and is an important part of religious rituals and practices. The offering of food to deities is an integral part of Hindu worship, and Kala Chana is considered a favorite food of Lord Shiva.

Kala Chana, also known as Chole in Northern India, aka black chickpeas, is a popular ingredient in many Hindu households. It’s a high source of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making it a healthy food choice.

There’s also a belief that eating Kala Chana can bring good luck and prosperity. It’s often prepared during festivals like Asthami on Navratri and special occasions as a fasting food and is also commonly consumed as a part of everyday meals.

According to Ayurveda, Kala Chana, also known as Chanaka, belongs to the Shimbi Dhanya Varga group of legumes. This superfood has medicinal properties that are rich in protein and contains essential nutrients. It helps fight an array of health ailments, including —

  • high cholesterol
  • mouth ulcers
  • liver enlargement
  • skin ailments etc.

Beloved by Lord Shiva and Lord Rama, it symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Hindu culture. Add Kala Chana to your daily diet for its numerous health benefits like smoother digestion, weight loss boost, etc.

Intriguingly, Kala Chana exhibits varying effects on the body, depending on its preparation method.

  • Ayurveda defines Kala Chana as superior to other varieties of chickpeas as it balances all three doshas – vata, kapha, and pitta.
  • Ayurvedic texts describe Kala Chana as an astringent in taste with Shita Virya or cold potency, dry in nature, and easy to digest but may cause constipation.
  • Kala Chana is preferred over the white or Kabuli chana variety.
  • It effectively balances pitta and kapha doshas but increases vata dosha, making it recommended for people struggling with high body temperature and blood-related problems.

Therefore, Kala Chana’s unique properties make it an important food in Ayurveda and Hinduism. It’s a source of vital nutrients, and incorporating Kala Chana in your diet can help maintain the balance of all three doshas and promote good health.

Check out the Kala Chana recipe by clicking on the video.

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