Concentrate On TriMala- The 3-Major Body Excrements

The human body is generally adept at removing body wastage through the waste removal system. Eventually, you will be grateful to know that the body primarily produces 3-major types of wastage or Malas, called TriMala collectively. 

TriMala- In A Nutshell:

These 3-major body excreta or the wastage are the results of metabolism, which are:

1. Puneesha- Stools

2. Mutra- Urine

3. Sweda- Sweat

TriMala is formed daily and gets released out of the body with the proper time, and quantity makes the body healthy. Ayurveda believes that if they don’t discharge properly yet remain in the body, they cause various illnesses and diseases. 

TriMala & Othe Disorders:

The prime purpose of TriMala is to purify the entire body by getting expelled from the body. The imbalance of TriMala will lead you to constipation, urinary obstruction, physically and mentally upset as well as disturbed. On the contrary, the Vayu (air) gets vitiated and starts to move haphazardly in opposite and non-desiring directions. Therefore, the pressure incites to shift towards the upper portion of the body (belly, chest, lastly brain, and sense organs) and unfolds multiple conditions. It also affects the Tridosha– Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

However, You should try to maintain the Tridosha composition, which will result in TriMala clearance. So that it can sustain and regulate the daily functions of the organs. 

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