Practice Rasayana Therapy Regularly For Your Body-Skin Enhancement & Rejuvenation

Practice Rasayana Therapy Regularly For Your Body-Skin Enhancement & Rejuvenation

Rasayana therapy is the clinical treatment in Ayurveda, which is a process of body rejuvenation. Rasayana” in Ayurveda denotes strengthening the Rasa Dhatu (body tissues) and nourish the whole body. 

In Sanskrit, Rasayana means the path of the essence, which in Ayurvedic medical term, signifies the technique to lengthen the lifespan and invigorating the body. 

Type of Ayurvedic Rasayana:

Rasayana therapy comprises several methods and types, such are,

  •  Kamya Rasayana– promotes normal health by boosting body energy levels, immunity, and general health; also listed into 3-categories that are:

1. Pranakamya: Promoter of endurance and longevity.

2. Medhakamya: Promoter of intellect.

3. Srikamya: Promoter of skin tone.

  • Naimittika Rasayana– prepare the body to fight some specific diseases. 

Practice & Benefits of Rasayana therapy:

Rasayana therapy embraces treatment with various Ayurvedic herbs and Rasayana foodswhich are beneficial for excellent brain and body functioning.

The regular practice of Rasayana benefits such as, 

  • It helps to avoid anger, 
  • Freed you from ego
  • Make you more truthful, 
  • Provide stability to life, stamina, glow to the skin, 
  • Increase sweetness to the voice, 
  • Enhance lifespan,
  • Promote intelligence and enhance memory,
  • Eliminate skin ailments, etc.

So, try to follow Rasayana therapy by yourself and conduct various benefits from it through regular practice. 

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